After I submitted an application and had an initial phone consultation, Kristy developed a sleep plan based on the information she obtained.  After speaking with Kristy, I was eager to initiate the plan with my two and one half year old daughter.  Mind you, my daughter has either slept in our bed or we have slept in her bed almost every night since she was born.  I knew this would not be easy. 
Our sleep plan incorporated the silent return method, which I initially thought I could handle.  However, after the first hour, I knew this method was not for me.  The next day, after speaking with Kristy, she provided me with support in modifying the plan to meet my needs, and we decided to use the chair method instead.  While executing the new sleep plan at home, Kristy provided consistent feedback, modifications, strategies, and encouragement.  She highlighted the small steps of progress along the way to our main goal, and kept me motivated to continue implementing the sleep plan.  Withing the first two weeks of working with Kristy, there were notable changes and improvements in my daughters sleep behavior and patterns.  She is now able to fall asleep without someone laying down with her, can tolerate us leaving the room while remaining in her bed, and she is staying asleep alone for longer stretches of time.  Also, when she does wake up in the middle of the night, she falls back to sleep significantly faster than before.  It has been wonderful watching her progress in her sleep with Kristys guidance.  I highly recommend Kristy to anyone who is looking for a sleep consultant. 


I have struggled with my sons sleep since he was born.  It had gotten so bad that I was having anxiety attacks.  He would go to bed by 10:00-11:00 PM, on a normal day.  Kristy contacted me saying she thought she could help.  I was desperate! All I had to do was fill out her intake form, and she knew exactly what the problem was.  He was overtired! Seems crazy, I know, but she gave me a two week plan, and the first week proved this to be true.  I have a very unpredictable schedule with my job, but she told me exactly what I should do, and I could'nt believe how spot on she was.  We checked in everyday to make sure things were going smoothly.  I asked her any questions I coudl think of, and she had an answer for everyone.  This was very reassuring to me and I knew that I was paired with the perfect sleep consultant.  She is very encouraging and never judged if something did'nt work out.  She just reassured me to follow through the next night, and things would start to fall into place.  Kristy is amazing! She is sweet, understanding, encouraging, and knowledgable.  I one hundred percent recommend her, you will not be sorry!

Laura C. mother to Max (2 years old)

Blissful Bedtimes

Blissful Bedtimes
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