Blissful Bedtimes

Blissful Bedtimes
Child & Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Family Sleep Institue


SIDS Certification 2014


Sleep Consultant

Hello, my name is Kristy Sileo, and I am a wife, and mother.  I have two wonderful little girls, one of whom has special needs.  I decided to become a certified sleep consultant after working with one when my children weren't sleeping well. After learning the proper tools, making the necessary adjustments, and seeing the fabulous results, I decided to learn to help other families.  After studying with the Family Sleep Institute under Deborah Pedrick, who is a pioneer in this field, I launched Blissful Bedtimes.  So if your having some sleep problems, have a child that wakes up in the middle of the night, or who can't go to sleep on their own, or if your sick and tired of being tired, please let us help to make your bedtimes more blissful...

Kristy Sileo